Daily Archives: January 1, 2010

Akha bamboo cannon

This is the best shot of the ingenious cannon that I could get, apart from the explosive it seemed to be entirely made of bamboo:


Akha New Year

New Year in the Akha village was a lively affair, loads of city Akha arrived “home”, many people had prepared fireworks, songs, food and drink. The village hunters were to hold a competition, the first to shoot his gun after a cock crowed in 2010 would be the winner, some people seemed to cheat, shooting off their all night, though when people were asked how they would know who was really first they were told “Why the man who is first will say so!” Duh!

There was also a bamboo cannon, which was set up and tested the day before (see next post). And some of the foreigners had prepared themselves with Thai fire balloons, which we are told were launched in their thousands in Chiang Rai: