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Colombo Theological Seminary (second visit)

The rather rural view from the guest flat window, actually CTS is next to a busy junction opposite a big police station!
I’m tired or I would not have left the stool in the shot 😉

I arrived in Colombo yesterday, and got to CTS about 2:30am. After 26 hours of wakefulness and travel (including waiting in airports).

The experience of Colombo from the windows of the lovely guest flat at CTS seems much the same, perhaps greener (maybe the trees have grown) and noisier than I remember and as muggily tropical. This morning the traffic (Sri Lankan etiquette demands hooting to warn other road users of your intention to overtake, as well as other potential dangers, which means some drivers almost connect their horn hand with their accelerator foot) and the ravens and green parrots in the trees outside are competing, I think the birds being closer if less numerous are winning 🙂

The few people I’ve heard comment have been optimistic that the war really is over, though I think all have been Sinhalese and it would be helpful to hear what Tamils are saying.

I had a lovely Sri Lanka/Western fusion breakfast, and lunch out with Vinodh Gunasekera (my academic contact) and a decent night’s sleep should put me on better form for marking Laidlaw assignments and teaching a four hour block this evening.