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Powerful words: From a refugee camp

Judge not...Do read this powerful yet simple true story about brutality, defectors and forgiveness.

The more you understand about the horror of the 60 years of war and the Burma military’s intent on ethnic cleansing the better you will “get” its full power.

Extract to set the scene:

…He fled his battalion because he couldn’t bear to do the things his commanding officer required him to do to innocent villagers. When he arrived at the camp telling his story, nobody would listen to him or believe he was genuine. They wouldn’t give him shelter. They left him in front of the hospital to starve…

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…that morning one of the orderlies was upset because his father’s village was destroyed by the Burmese Army. His father was the pastor, and the village was burned. Later in the morning a group of Burmese soldiers was brought in, across the border…