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More fighting, more (possibly temporary) refugees

The Thai website Prachatai reports that there is renewed fighting south of Mae Sot (just 10-20 Kms away) and that villagers from that area have sought refuge in a Thai temple. This is again a clash between the DKBA’s rebel brigade 5 and the Thatmadaw. Like the fighting earlier in Myawaddy and also further south still (from which there are still refugees on the Thai side, both villagers and family of DKBA soldiers).


Fighting near Myawaddy again

The Irrawaddy reports renewed fighting near Myawaddy, this time involving KNLA troops as well as Thatmadaw (Junta forces) and their allies.

More refugees in Pho Phra

Image from DVB

According to the Democratic Voice of Burma several hundred villagers have again fled fighting just across the river from Pho Phra.

In fighting between the DKBA and the Thatmadaw (Burmese/Myanmar Junta’s Army)  two villagers were badly wounded by Army shells.

The election is over, thousands of new refugees

Now that the election in Burma/Myanmar is over the military junta that rules the country has returned to fighting the ethnic minorities. Fighting between the army and the DKBA (a group that before the elections had accepted a ceasefire and were to be integrated into the Army structure) has driven thousands of people from the town of Myawaddy (across the river from Mae Sot in Thailand). The Thai military are trying to stop them crossing, so many are camped on the riverbank.

Further south near a DKBA headquarters many villagers have fled across the river, and are now sheltering with friends in Thailand, who do not have enough resources to feed and shelter them. Pastor Peacefully from a village near Pho Phra writes:

…our area here (Pho Phra) which 5 km from DKBA headquarters, so many people from that side now crossing to Thailand. For sure the fighting will start sometime. That why many villager are now crossing.

Some of the villagers contact me to help them and prepare some place for them to stay. It is really hard for me because it is depend on the Thai authority. Any way as you know we are the only school which is close to this border, so for those children who want to continuous their study will come to our place.

We need your payer and your help.

Share the news to keep pressure on the government not to do any action of war if their election is true democracy and peace.

We are nothing but we can do something through the One Who strength us.

In His Service


Partners NZ (a relief and development agency who help support the school Peacefully runs) are sending supplies and food to PhoPhra. I’ll try to post updates as I get information. Please do pray for him and his friends at this time! As well as for the overall situation in Burma.