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Good brief introduction to the Karen

In this Sunday, Jan. 24, 2010 photo released by the Free Burma Rangers, Karen families carry their belongings as they flee Myanmar soldiers in Karen State, Myanmar. Half a million Karen tribespeople have been driven from their homes by the Myanmar military. The country's second largest ethnic minority, the Karens are about 4 million within Myanmar's 43 million. The vice president of the Karen National Union, the insurgency's political organization, says that colonial Britain broke its promise to carve out a separate state for the minority before granting Burma independence in 1949. (AP Photo/Free Burma Rangers)

Denis D. Gray of the Associated Press agency has written an excellent brief introduction to the story and experience of the Karen. It is a quick read but covers the basic facts well. It is illustrated with photos from the Free Burma Rangers and is sympathetic to the Karen people while not assuming that the reader has prior knowledge.  It is titled:  Old rebellion, harsh foe swell Myanmar exile camps