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A few clicks for a brave man

Ko Mya Aye (from Burma Campaign UK)

The Burma Campaign UK writes of a brave man who needs medical treatment, with just a name and address and a click we can help increase the chance he gets it:

Ko Mya Aye is one of the leaders of 88 Generation Students Group, which led protests in 1988 and again in 2007. He is currently detained Taungyi Prison in Shan State, many miles from emergency medical care, and too far away for family to make regular visits.

Take action now to demand the dictatorship allow medical treatment for Ko Mya Aye!

Ko Mya Aye appears to be suffering from angina, which has recently become unstable causing heart failure and requiring urgent medical treatment. He is also suffering from hypertension and gastric problems. He needs proper medical tests that can only be done in Rangoon, and will probably require an angioplasty operation or coronary artery bypass graft. So far there have been none of the required medical tests or operations. Another angina attack without access to emergency medical care would be very serious.