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News from Mae La

Here is an extract from a letter we recieved recently from Mae La camp:

The situation in the refugee camps has been growing worse daily. The latest tactics of the Burmese is to try to attack the camp by poisoning. The first affected comodity was the wheat powder provided to refugees as rations from the Thai Burmese Border Consortium. Five people died before we were all warned not to eat the wheat powder.
The next more far reaching attmept was made on the water supply to the camp. Large packets of white powder (poison) were found to have been deliberately placed in the wells supplying all the weater for the refugee camp. Two people died from water poisoning and many more were affected. I actually got a little taste of the true refugee situation when I came down with water poisoning myself. It was certainly more severe and unlike any stomach upset I’ve every had in my life before!! I’m more or less over the worst of it but am still left with symptoms. Three people have been arrested in connection with this eposide and we amanaged to gain some airtime on the Thai news.

Please pray for all those affected, and for everyone else in the camps at this time!


Free Burma Prisoners

There is a petition calling to the military rulers of Burma (aka Myanmar) to free their political prisoners. An Sang Sue Shue is merely the best known of thousands. Please sign it here