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A New Day for Burma

Ruth posted a link on the Partners site to a post and a song by Holly Brown. I’ll copy part of Holly’s post below, because her response to a visit to Mae La is so similar to mine (see Leaving with more than photos) but first I’d like to appeal to you since this is the twentieth anniversary of the seizure of power of the gang of generals who so brutally rule Burma to send an e-card to your representative. It is so easy to do, a few minutes at most! And then email this link http://www.newdayforburma.org.au/#ecard around any friends you think would be willing to send a card too. If we could get thousands of these cards (or other messages) sent to politicians perhaps our governments pragmatism would lead them to do the right thing!

Holly wrote:

Another image I have is that of a father explaining his anguish that he had to leave one of his children behind. He will never know if the child is alive, dead, or captured by the army. And he will have to live with the guilt of making that decision. But the image that shouts the loudest in my mind is the hope. When asked what will change the Burma army a man once answered, “They need the love of Jesus.” In the midst of so much pain and suffering, the Karen cling to forgiveness and hope. And this hope is from God. A new day is dawning in Burma. A day where fear is not their consuming thought. Where running will be done for the pleasure it brings. A day where people are free. And it is through the power of the love of Jesus that this day is coming. And I ask you…. How can you show the love of Jesus?

This is her song:

Always running, never ceasing, under darkened skies
Heading eastward through the mountains and cross the river wide
Lost my mother and my father on the day the soldiers came
Burning houses, hurting people, its never been the same
How long will this last, when will this war end?
How long till it’s past and there’s justice in the end?
Always hungry, ever thirsty, never satisfied
Seeking shelter in the jungle and running to survive
How long will this last, when will this war end?
How long till its past and there’s justice in the end?
And I will wait on my feet again
For the skies to clear and sun to shine again
And I will pray on my knees again
For this hate to pass and love to rule again
And I will stay in this place again
A place where hate and fear cannot steal my heart
And I will pray on my knees again
For you love to warm and melt this heart of stone.

You can download the MP3 here.