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Dengue fever

According to a report by the Democratic Voice of Burma there is a dengue fever outbreak in Mae La camp. Although dengue is common in the area at this time of year in such confined quarters it highlights the need for more mozzie nets. Although the authorities  do their best to protect residents by rigorous spraying to kill mosquitos in and around the camp nets are still the best protection against the spread of such diseases.

Mosquito control at Mae La


Prayer for Burma: Psalm 8 with a Karen setting

This reading of Psalm 8: with a Karen setting (from the CEV) should provide the opportunity for praise and thanksgiving (as well as supplication) in our praying for Burma!

Psalm 8 read over pictures and a choir from Karen country on the Thai-Burma border.

ITN report from Mae Sot

If you can bear it, watch the ITN report from Mae Sot on the Myanmar military dictators and aid to the cyclone victims. The video: Myanmar’s cyclone refugees is available from the CNN site.

It is so sad. I hope it makes you angry too.

Short “video” about the school

I’ve found a new toy for converting photos to video clips (Animoto) it is fairly easy to use, and produces surprisingly good results. Here’s my first attempt, to explain why the school matters, and why helping them finish the roof for the boys’ dorm matters:

Though I had to jump through hoops to get it onto WordPress, it would have been easy on a Blogger blog – it just goes to show you can’t win (or loose) all the time đŸ˜‰

Fighting The Most Dangerous Animal

Video for the trip

In the expectation that we’ll meet interesting people, and see strange sights, while we are away, and in the hopes of sharing some of the experiences with you we will be taking a Canon TX1 with us.

It’s a nifty little gadget, fits in my shirt pocket, takes still or video images, with a good (10x optical) zoom. It will record video in either normal or HQ mode, and we hope to be able to upload some (compressed with Flash) while we are away and more (maybe better quality) when we get back. As a test of what’s possible, here is a pretty good version of a short clip I took out of the study window (just handheld, so jerky, sorry).