DKBA and Burmese army falling out?

Following reports that the official border crossings between Thailand and Burma in Mai Sot had been unilaterally closed by the Burmese authorities, for undisclosed reasons, comes a report from the Irrawaddy claiming that Villagers Flee in Fear of Attack on DKBA.

Basically it seems that disagreement among DKBA leaders (the DKBA is the breakaway Karen army which has been cooperating with the military government) about plans to turn them into a “border guard” force within the Burmese military may lead to Burmese Army (Thatmadaw) attacks on dissident DKDA areas.

With this, and an mock election coming up sometime in the next few months, things in Burma are tense, volatile and potentially dangerous. Please pray!

Karen women and children wait in safety on the Thai side
of the border (Photo: The Irrawaddy)

Following a warning that fighting between the Burmese army and DKBA troops could break out this week, villagers from at least four villages in Myawaddy township have fled to Phop Phra town in Tak province of Thailand, according to the Karen Information Centre (KIC) based on the Thai-Burma border.

The KIC said the warning to the villagers was given by Col Lah Pwe, better known as Mr. Beard, a high-ranking DKBA military official, who on July 21 rejected the offer by Lt-Gen Ye Myint, the regime’s chief of Military Affairs Security, to meet and discuss the BGF plan.


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