Tatmadaw Shoots Children

Burned Village

This was someone's house before the Thatmadaw came

The Tatmadaw have never shown much concern for the villagers whose homes and crops they burn in their attempt at “ethnic cleansing” (which sounds so much better than genocide) but on the afternoon of 22nd March they excelled themselves in bravery. They shot and killed several women and young children according to FBR reports.

The Tatmadaw is the army controlled by the SPDC who are the military rulers of Burma, which they renamed Myanmar, these thugs expect to gain “credibility” later this year by organising an election which will keep them in power. If they keep peace by shooting children you can imagine how free and fair the elections will be:

On the 22rd of March, at 4:30 PM, Burma Army troops from LIB 369 entered Kaw Hta village, Ler Doh Township and shot and killed 1 woman and 2 children. Troops shot and killed Naw La Pwey, a 37 year old woman, Naw Paw Bo, a 5 year old girl, and Saw Hta Pla Htoo, a 5 month old boy. They also shot and wounded Naw Pah Lah, 26 years old, the mother of the two children. The Burma Army also burned down 9 homes in the village while the rest of the villagers fled.

The surviving mother is now being treated by medics in a hiding place as the Burma Army continues their attacks. Due to the attacks in this area, starting in January, over 3000 people remain displaced.

The report is here. But be warned it contains horribly graphic images.


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