Pressure on refugees in Tha Song Yang

Child with eye infection at Nong Bua temporary camp (from Burma Campaign document)

I have discovered a more detailed document about the pressure to return to a dangerous area of Burma on the new refugees. As a result I have written (with the subject line above to the Governor of Tak Province (who is apparently a key player in this decision).

Please consider emailing to: or

Saying something like this:

His Excellency Samert Loylah
Governor Tak Province
Pahonyotin Road
Tak, 63000

Your excellency,

I am writing because I have read in the newspaper that in the beautiful hills north of Mae Sot (Maesod) in your province a number of refugees, including women and children, are being pressured to return across the Moi River to Myanmar (Burma). The area they would return to is heavily mined. The military (both Government and DKBA) have recently increased pressure on Karen villagers in that area, in January causing yet more to become internally displaced. To pressure these refugees to return is to place them in danger, as well as to leave them wandering homeless, or living in temporary hide sites. This inhumane action does not seem compatible with the humanity and warmth for which Thailand, and to your province are well-known.

Please encourage those under your command, and/or your government to keep the promises Thailand made and allow these refugees to stay until it is really safe for them to return, and end the pressure. Thailand has had an excellent reputation for welcoming those fleeing oppressiion and violence in countries around its borders, please show this same kindness to these latest victims.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Bulkeley


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