Our bach is now for Sale

Please excuse one post not directly related to our travels, but a big “event” for us while we’ve been away has been that our son Thomas and his wife Melissa have been hard at work preparing the family bach for sale. They have finished and it is on the market.

Part of the view from the deck

The whole family is sad, but we need to sell it to pay for a new home outside Tauranga. Thomas and Melissa have done a superb job of renovating, so that it not only looks smart, but is also much more convenient and comfortable.

From the convenient new kitchen to the living and dining area.

They have repaired and replaced to give almost new kitchen and bathroom, as well as fresh all wool carpet and new paint.

We almost wish we could buy it ourselves 😉

One of four Bedrooms.

So, if you know someone who would like to buy a beach home with superb views that simply cannot be built out as it is right on the waterfront and most of the nearer view is the Awhitu Regional Park. Just 1hr 15mins (or less depending on traffic and speed) from Central Auckland and less from the motorway, within an easy coastal walk from the beautiful beaches of the Awhitu regional park, just point them to us (http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=262830520)!


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