Our plans

We have not really posted here about our plans for this trip (apart from a rest after an unusually busy and stressful year). We had been hoping, and almost sorted the administrative details, that Tim could teach a postgraduate course that would count towards a recognised qualification for at least Peacefully and Wah Doh but perhaps also others. This will not be possible on this occasion.

[At least we hope it won’t as those two primary people are hoping to make a fraternal visit to Karen churches in Australia over most of the period of our visit. They do not yet have visas, but we hope last minute dramas (last night a key document was found…) may still enable that trip.]

What we are hoping is that we can talk face to face with some of the key people this end, with a view to exploring how to make post-KKBBSC theological education more available to people for whom travel is difficult (usually through lack of suitable identity papers).

So at present we don’t have any teaching actually scheduled. KKBBSC students are on mission, but the Bible School here in Newton’s village (sorry as yet both the Karen and Thai names are beyond me) is operating and we may help out here.

Relatively “fixed” points are that we want to visit Chang Mai (among other reasons to visit the Baldwins) and Chang Rai (simply as tourists) and at some stage around the middle of January we will need to cross a border to renew our visas.

In short at present our plans are “extremely flexible” – we are not quite sure what we are doing today, let alone tomorrow, but expect the Lord has interesting possibilities in mind 😉


2 responses to “Our plans

  1. Hello tim and Barbara
    just to assure you of your prayers on your journey and your meetings and we will be remembering you and the friends you meet especially in our service on 27 Dec in Belfast. love form jenny and brendan danny and aine

  2. Thanks!

    Quite a bit more news coming in the very next post I am writing now.

    God bless,


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