Candle in the falling rain: children

A Karen pastor has a dream:

Boarding houses are established to protect children from IDP (internally displaced people) areas within Burma. Children arrive, often unaccompanied, in the refugee camp to seek protection from the violence within Burma and to receive an education. Many of the children become workers during their pre age. There are a lot of the migrant parents workers who can not protect their children to seek for education. Children’s future is becoming a candle in the falling rain.

As a Karen people from Burma we are seeking for peace and justice to change the situation in Burma. But it already more than 60 years, our dream is wandering in the air and we are living in the imprisonment of injustice. The only effort that we can make for our future generation is just to protect them for gaining the skill and receiving education.

We now would like to establish a new dormitory, especially for the Karen people whom no one care when they attend the Thai school. They are not refugee, they don’t know who they are, they can’t read and write their own language, they don’t know how to dream, they don’t finish the high school, they can’t go to the university, they don’t receiving any care and health and they don’t even receiving the parent’s care. Can read and write is the only motto that enough for their whole life. Children should communicate with their wishes and feeling effectively for their vision. We would like to let them carry the candle with light toward their goal for gaining the high school certificate and degree in any field.

Towards this dream (with money donated from UK and Australia) two dormitories have been built. Some people have committed to a monthly amount. A lump sum from the USA also helped. But, last
week the children arrived. The project budgeted for less children than have come!

There is funding for a dozen children but 26 are living in the dormitories. It costs about 1000 baht (US$ 30 NZ$50) per child per month. If you would be willing to sponsor a child do contact me.


2 responses to “Candle in the falling rain: children

  1. I am 1 of 3 families in the Denver, CO area who are waiting for unaccompanied minors to come live with our families and go to school here. I believe there are other families in other states who are waiting as well. Can you get this info to to Camp Leader to find out if they know anything about this?

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