Visit a Karen village on the Thai-Burma border

Your chance to join us and visit a Karen village on the border in Thailand. We’re planning to spend ten days in a Karen village doing something useful (possibly an English language intensive in a school or Bible school) though a big part of the reason for going is simply to meet people. At the end there would be a few days for either a trek or shopping (in BKK or Chaing Mai). That plan would take up the NZ school holiday in July 2009 (which is also in the NZ University holiday period).

This is the refugee camp, not the vilage we'll visit, but it gives an idea of the beauty of the area!

This is the refugee camp, not the village we'll visit, but it shows the beauty.

The cost will be your airfare plus a share of transport (probably in rented van) from Bangkok to Mae Sot and beyond, a few nights in a cheap hotel or guest house, food during the “holiday” days and a gift for the people who feed and lodge us (hopefully both some small thank you presents and a contribution to the school or Bible school). Several of these costs, most notably the airfare can change quite a bit, currently it looks like around NZ$2,500 as a rough estimate, unless we choose an expensive holiday option 😉

The Thai-Burma border

The Thai-Burma border

Accommodation will be (by Western standards) basic and probably Marae-style, and food will be local (but with “not too much chilli”) nutritious and prepared with love. The main “work” will be sharing with people and getting to know them and their world, but we hope also to achieve something worthwhile as well.

If you are interested in principle, and free on those dates, please let me know (tim at as we can sharpen the ideas and costs when we know better who is likely to be coming! If you are not interested

The Karen and charming people!

The Karen are charming people!

yourself, but know someone else who might be please do pass this link on. (People starting from other places than NZ could arrange to meet up with us in Bangkok.)

The photos attached are just to give you an impression of the beauty of the country and people we’d be visiting – few travel agents can do better, and none at a better price!


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