Global financial meltdown

Tom Sine’s “Seed Sampler” email included this timely item from Samantha Baker-Evans, InnerCHANGE Cambodia

A few people have asked me recently how Cambodians are dealing with the ‘recession.’ Recognizing their genuine concern and good hearts, I have searched for a diplomatic and non-melodramatic response, but in this case, the truth is just not reassuring. How are Cambodians responding to the recession? They are dying from it, the slow, silent death of old people and small children from malnutrition as rising food prices cause families to eat less with less variety. Crises like these are hard on all of us, but disproportionately affect the poor. Since Cambodia came out of war and oppression in 1991, the people have benefited from  development, and a new middle class has grown, but the last two years have brought high inflation. Families that were finally stabilizing are now falling back into poverty.

Naw Ree Kah prepares food

Naw Ree Kah prepares food

The reminder came as we are planning to send a small sum to the refugee camp to help feed the extra mouths who have retreated there since cyclone Nargis. Already back in April the TBBC had to cut the food ration they give to refugees, then in May Nargis struck, and over the months since more and more unregistered but desperate people have arrived at the camps. So the meagre rations have had to be spread even more thinly.

So if you are in a tizzy over the global financial meltdown, as well as being angry at the bankers whose greed caused it, please also spare a thought and some cash for those who are REALLY hurting.

The photo comes from a fine photo post on Timelight @ Mae La
on “The new arrivals and their food in Mae La Camp”


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