Prayer for Burma: Another anniversary

On Sept 18th just last year, the dictators of Burma were stunned by massed protest but the country’s monks. The Telegraph describes it in a memorial article:

U Gawsita, 28, and Abbot Pyinnya Jota, 48, played key roles in the Saffron Revolution when thousands of monks led mass peaceful demonstrations against the brutal junta that rules their homeland a year ago this week. But they were forced to flee into exile after the bloody suppression of the protests.

In scenes that captivated the world, ranks of shaven-headed barefoot young men turned their alms bowls upside down in a symbol of defiance then marched through the streets at the head of crowds that grew from hundreds into hundreds of thousands.

The generals who have run the country since 1962 originally appeared stunned by the remarkable displays of civil disobedience that began on September 18. But after eight days, they retaliated with characteristic viciousness, quashing the dreams of democratic change.

There is also a video on that page


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