Daily Archives: September 11, 2008

Praying for Burma

What can we pray for today? There’s no new news. Well, it’s true that Radio Australia is reporting US ‘deeply concerned’ over Burma’s Suu Kyi and various news agencies have caught up on the idea that her party (since it won the last free elections) should take the place of the Generals in the UN. But neither are really new. I have come across no new neat videos to share with you…

But then the situation is much the same as it has been for twenty years, since the thugs took over. Forced labour, rape, terror and imprisonment of anyone who speaks out, just a normal day in Burma and that’s what we should pray about. Change. God knows how it will come. We may hope for a united opposition (with Suu Kyi’s party and the ethnic minorities all acting with one accord) or may dream of ASEAN neighbours really turning the screws, or China seeing the chance to distract the West from its domestic situation by pressuring its clients in Naypyidaw. But these are merely hopes and dreams, how change will come God alone knows! But that is the point, God does know, we should pray to be shown as quickly as possible 🙂