Prayer for Burma

I’m praying that Sarah Armitage’s Facebook post (see below) will provoke others too – maybe you? – to write to their representatives or the media about the situation in Burma. Polite silence in the rest of the world allows the junta to carry on with “business as usual”. In view of the disturbing news about Aung San Suu Kyi, excternal pressure may be particularly needed just now. The Sydney Morning Herald reported a couple of days ago:

Burma’s detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has refused to meet with the junta’s liaison officer and declined a visit from her personal physician, state media said…

The military had arranged for her to meet on Tuesday with Labour Minister Aung Kyi, who is tasked with coordinating official talks with her, the government mouthpiece New Light of Burma said.

But she informed her lawyer Kyi Win during a meeting on Monday that she would not speak with the minister, and also refused to see her doctor who had been set to give her a medical check-up, the paper said…

Lawyer Kyi Win said after his meeting with her Monday that she had lost weight but seemed to be feeling well.

He said they discussed a planned appeal of her current detention, which began more than five years ago.

She has met with her lawyer three times over the last month. Before August, she had not been allowed to see him since 2004.


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