Brayer for Burma: Twenty-three

The Asia Times, reporting on the failure of UN special envoy Imrahim Gambari to meet with either Aung San Suu Kyi or the junta leader Sen. Gen. Than Shwe, quoted Mr Gambari:

It is our job, and a continuing challenge at the UN to make the impossible possible, and will continue my efforts at mediation regardless.

Nonetheless, I sometimes wonder whether it is realized that if I fail, and the UN fails, this would have negative consequences for the role of the organization in terms of mediation, conflict prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts, not only in [Myanmar] but throughout the world


He also passed along a letter to Than Shwe in relation to a tentatively planned visit by UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon later this year, according to diplomats in Yangon. “The SG has also indicated his intention to return to Myanmar, when conditions are right, to continue his dialogue with the Myanmar leadership,” a senior UN spokesperson, Marie Okabe told journalists earlier this week.

Dare we pray that the UN general secretary will have more success than the Nigerian ex-minister, or since the international community, and notably China, exerted pressure on the junta to permit Mr Gambari’s visit can we pray that this afront to China’s honour may provoke firmer pressure?


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