Prayer for Burma: Day twenty-one

GIANT: Plans are being developed for the future of Auckland Zoo's young Asian elephant Burma, who couldn't remain on her own if her good friend Kashin died.

Auckland zoo has two elephants, the younger one is called “Burma”. As Stuff an NZ news site reports the older elephant “Kashin” is not getting any younger. They quote zoo director Jonathan Wilcken:

Kashin’s approaching 40 and for some time now she’s been
treated for a few things, arthritis and chronic joint problems.
This has prompted us to start thinking about the future and our responsibilities to Burma.

If one (potentially) lonely elephant causes a Zoo staff to think about their “responsibilities to Burma” perhaps we can pray that something will cause the rest of us, and especially our governments to think about our responsibilities to the country Burma where not only elephants but millions of people face loneliness as their members of their families either die or a are separated from them by the actions of a small clique of men with guns (and tanks and the rest of the necessary equipment for oppression).


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