Prayer for Burma: Days fifteen and sixteen

Here’s an extract from Laura Bush’s reply to a question, “Why do you believe the U.S. policy is actually working to isolate the military junta?”

…there are a number of U.S. sanctions directed specifically at General Than Shwe and his cohorts in the junta, the top military leaders in the regime in Burma. We do think some of those are being effective, that they are being squeezed out; especially the financial sanctions are effective against them. But we urge other countries to join us in those sanctions.

The EU and some European countries have joined us, but we wish that other countries would. We think that the way we can be most effective is financially, is for the countries that are propping the regime up by their large trade with them to discontinue that for some amount of time at least to really put the squeeze on the junta so that they would finally start the dialogue that everyone has been calling for.

Pleanty to pray about there!


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