Prayer for Burma: Day six

There’s an article in the Asia Tribune by Prof. Kanbawza Win reflecting on George Bush’s talks with Burmese activists and his family’s visit to Mae La. It has a somewhat rhetorical tone, so I hope US readers won’t be offended, this reflects the difference between watching with horror what is going on from a safe distance, and involved watching.

One good point made early on in the article is timely for people whose lives are wrapped in Olympic fever. Commenting on Bush’s sharp comments about China and human rights Prof Kanbawza Win writes:

The rhetorical barbs were likely to recede quickly as the games began and Burma together with Dafur and Tibet will be forgotten and will be forced to witness the extravaganza of Chinese Communist’s progress. Perhaps he did not recollect of what he told Olympians at the White House last month that they are more than sports competitors. He called US Olympians “ambassadors of liberty” who represent America’s “regard for human rights and human dignity.”

Pray that the “world” may not easily forget the places where human dignity and life are suppressed in favour of dictatorial cliques.


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