Prayer for Burma: Day four

A blog called Brainucopia tells the story of one of the 1988 protesters. Here’s an extract, but if you have time read the whole thing.

Thay Htoo first ran into trouble with the Burmese government in 1988. As a young man, he eagerly and with a sense of duty, participated in demonstrations in the streets of Rangoon. He was arrested and taken to jail. There was no trial, no lawyer, no self-defense. Over the course
of the next 18 years, Thay Htoo lived in deplorable conditions. The
prisons were a brutal place, and he was moved frequently from one to

Thay Htoo was tortured for no real reason other than for his jailers to humiliate him. Besides the physical torture, Thay Htoo was subjected to a litany of mental and emotional abuses, the cruelest of which was extended stays in solitary confinement.

Then, pray for Thay Htoo, and his new life, for his family especially those still in Burma, for others like him, and for their abusers – that they will have a change of heart.


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