Prayer for Burma: Day two

Many protestors in 1988 were young people in their twenties, those who survived – the vast majority despite the aggressive tactics of the Army during the protests and in the oppression that followed – are now in their fourties, middle aged!

The Irrawaddy has a feature article on some of them: “Where are they now?” It begins with the story of a 16 year old Tin Maung Htoo:

The menacing group of five soldiers emerged from Rangoon’s city hall, knelt down and aimed their guns at the protesters. Tin Maung Htoo, a 16-year-old high school student, sat tight, linking arms with others in the front row.

The first shots Tin Maung Htoo heard, however, sounded like machine gun fire from armored cars sweeping round both sides of the Sule Pagoda o­n that August night, 19 years ago.

Pray for the protestors of 1988 who survive, as they remember. Pray that they will remember.


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