Recent attacks near Pho Pra

Following recent fighting across the river, in Burma,  near Pho Pra (see Monday’s article Karen Villagers Flee Burmese Forces in Irrawaddy News), Partners reports that:

Due to the very recent attacks in Walakee; villagers from the surrounding areas have now reached the border. …

Villagers fear being taken for forced portering, being used as land mine sweepers and the extorting of money and animals. Currently 49 families are along the border and in need of supplies. Villagers have been told by DKBA that if they do not return to their villages today, they [DKBA] will destroy the village, rice and corn fields.

On the 26th July purchased and sent the following to these families:

150 Blankets, 150 Mosquito nets, Plastic Tarps, Rice, Sardines, Mama Noodles, Salt, Oil, Chili, Cooking pots and Lighters.

We are able to supply these items because of the generous gifts we recieve through our “5 alive” campaign.

If you would like to find out more or donate towards this work, please visit:

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