Nay Moo discovers Australia

I have been reading a diary written by Nay Moo a Karen very recently resettled in Australia from Mae La, it is a mix of happy and sad events and comments as you’d expect, I found this especially touching:

Today I had no appointment to go so I thought I would go out and have a walk around the streets and explore the place and observe the nearby environments. After breakfast, my two brothers and I went out and walked along the streets. We saw no one on the street. The houses are like the tombs in the cemetery…quiet and lonely! I wished to see someone and greet them but the situation here is not the same as our home land… hear my say… my fellow friends… you might be surprised when you get here! We walked along the street corner by corner; it was breezy, cold and lonely! After walking for a long distance, we got tired then we sat down at one of the corners, looking around and talking to each other.

As by chance, we saw a man, age about 40, riding a bicycle on the road we were sitting on. We looked at him and smiled at him with our heart saying that, ‘we are happy and excited to be in your country’. Maybe he is happy to see us and could read our heart as well. As this was also our fifth day in Australia, so he replied our smiling faces with his greeting starting with the letter “F” …. What the Fucking are you looking at!!!! You Fucking kids!!!! You idiot!!! …then he murmured along the way as he was cycling. How do you feel if you were me? This is my first greeting I have ever heard on the road in Australia that I cold never forget. We came back home, took a rest and went to sleep.


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