Another story

It is a simple story, simply told. There is no bloodshed, little horrific violence (and that only mentioned quietly and simply), yet it is powerful. It is told by someone called “May” she seems to suffer from bi-polar disorder (if I understood my quick glance at the rest of her blog rightly) and she tells Thay Htoo’s story, with empathy. Read it. The saddest thing is that it is not really an unusual story.


4 responses to “Another story

  1. asiabibble, are you an Occupational Therapy instructor?
    There is great need of OT at Mae To Clinics/ Mae Sot.

  2. Sorry, OT in this case means Old Testament, I teach Hebrew Bible in a Christian seminary. That’s what I was doing in Mae La too. But if I meet any of the other sort of OT teachers I’ll be sure to pass the word šŸ˜‰

  3. Thank you Tim. The reason I am asking is during my last short Volunteering trip to MTC I was ask to see a Cerebral Palsy kid that can use more expertise than could offer. The Burma children Fund coordinator ask me to see if I can do anything for similarly suffering others. I have been trying to attract mission minded OT either in practice or about to grad. so far none. I am just grasping for any thing at this point.
    I shall be back at MTC in Sept. I guess the ” buck stop here “. I shall do my best with what I can and have.

    Best regards

    BW MD

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