Governing a refugee camp

I came across a fascinating blog today, G Walker is an American spending the summer working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in the Mae La camp over the (Northern) summer. He seems to be a jurist of some sort, and provides a nice short summary of how the camp is run.

Shot of (a rather nice) Mae Sot street from G Walker’s blog

He also has a fascinating post on the project he will be involved with to introduce a wider range of punishments into the camp justice system, in particular a “restorative” community service component for minor offences and young offenders.

These posts are really interesting both for the information they contain about the official workings of the camp, but also to listen to an idealistic American specialist as he engages with people whose life, culture and experiences are so different from his. To me the reading is made more interesting, if also somewhat frustrating by not knowing anything about who G Walker is, all I know of “him” (and the gender and nationality I have assigned are guesses!) is what I read in the
blog he started on May 22nd after arriving in Bangkok!


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