Hope in the darkness

Many of you will have read Ruth’s post Miracles amongst the mess for those who haven’t, and who want to see rays of hope in the dark mess of the aftermath of cyclone Nargis here is an extract:

Yesterday we heard of the youngest survivor found by our group rescuing
people in the delta area. A three month old baby was found still alive
after being wrapped up and tied up in a tree 12 feet off the ground.
What’s amazing is that she missed being swept away in the flood water
which rose to up to 12 feet in places, that the many snakes also trying
to keep out of the water didn’t bite and kill her, and that the sand
and salt being whipped around in the seriously strong winds didn’t
suffocate her. Her mother is silently rejoicing, unlike many of the
other mothers around her in mourning.

She also reports that a shipment of 7 tonnes of rich and enough plastic sheeting to shelter 100 families from the monsoons has reached Rangoon/Yangon for distribution.


2 responses to “Hope in the darkness

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  2. What a blessing. Miracles such as this one need to be on the nightly news, so that the world can see God at work daily!!

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