60 this year

Today is my 60th birthday. This year the Karen people have been in conflict with the government for 60 years. The military dictators who took power in 1962 (and use the name Myanmar for the country) have exacerbated this conflict into an attempt at genocide. The stories of how their troops act when in Karen state are horrifying. To add to this some 50% of the people in the areas of Burma worst affected by the cyclone are Karen.

One of the existing dorms at the schoolOne of the existing dorms at the school

So, if you are in Auckland please consider coming to my party on Sunday evening, bring a gift (of money) for a school that educates Karen Displaced People’s children – the school is safely in Thailand, but the children’s families are mainly in Burma.

A donor who was supplying money for the girls’ dorm has pulled out, the roofing on the old one needs replacing, and the rains are starting…


One response to “60 this year

  1. Very happy birthday Tim!
    You did and do a great job with this website and all your work.

    Keep up the good work!
    Adios, Paulus

    Say hello to Barbara & Sarah.

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