Invitation: to my Big 60 Rambo Feast

For my 40th I had a big birthday bash, we were in Congo then, and two ambassadors and a brass band took part! Now I’m hitting 60 and want “something special” to celebrate. However, since we are just back from four weeks in a refugee camp on the Burma/Thailand border, a straight-out party seems wrong somehow…

So, I’m inviting “the world and his aunt” (at least those of you within reach of Auckland) to my Big 60 Rambo *   Feast:

6pm Sunday 18th May, at Balmoral Baptist Church, cnr. Dominion Rd and Queens Ave, Central Auckland

There will be loads of yummy Karen-style food (not too spicy), photos, videos (though not of Sylvester) and stories from the Mae La Refugee Camp and an (Internally Displaced Person) IDP village. Bring a cash present – not for me – but for Bethel Baptist Church in the Karen IDP village, to help their school. It’s for children chased from their homes by the Myanmar army.

If we all give what we’d normally pay for an evening out, we’ll raise enough to give a load of Karen IDP kids a better education, and we’ll have some fun… (for those who can’t make it and will be deprived, there are photos and videos at

RSVP for catering to 09 526 0344

It would be great if you could be there, and do bring anyone else who might be interested, even if they have never met me they are welcome!

* while I was in the Karen refugee camp and IDP village, people in NZ were watching the Rambo film where he rescues Karen IDPs. So be like Rambo! Help the IDPs! [RETURN]


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