Daily Archives: April 10, 2008

Safely home

“Prayer Mountain” is a small two storey chapel, near the Mae La refugee camp, it is used mainly for private times of quiet, prayer and reflection.Prayer Mountain

Sorry, I forgot to write and tell you, we are safely home. (Well Sarah is safely in the UK, and has even landed herself a well-paid live-in job tutoring in central London – she travelled to the interview in Somerset straight from the flight, oh to be young again!)

Just outside the wire that surrounds the camp the path leads up a steep hill, through the forest, to the tranquility of “Prayer Mountain”.

The hill to \Please do not stop looking at this blog though, since I already have plans to post here reflections on what we have seen and done over the last nine weeks. This will include both posts that will contribute to an article or two I plan to write, as well as more photos and video. Many of the posts will be ones I’d intended to write – sometimes even made notes in preparation – while we were there, but did not have time! I also hope that some of you may stay with us for the longer haul, as we look for ways to partner with one Pastor and his village, near the border.