Tourist Information: Mae Sot, Thailand

Life in Mae Sot (the local town, which Lonely Planet describes as something of a cross between Hicksville and the Wild West) is quite a change from Mae La. For a start there is the famous Canadian guy’s café (see any guide book for directions), with bacon burgers and French fries with blue cheese dip, as well as coffee for purists. The Bai Fern guesthouse does a similar range of foreign food, but better fries, if you stay there it has WiFi. However, all these places still have the feel of being in Thailand, just not in the camp. hazel.jpgBy contrast the café we discovered in Mae Sot Mall is pure International. We were in the “Mall” (a small new shopping arcade) because the women have decided that Thai massage is a good way to relax – my shave and haircut took a quarter the time, and with a hot shower (at the guest house) made me feel fresh and clean! The Coffee and Cake joint has free WiFi or a desktop clients can use for free, the coffee including Barbara’s Soy Cappuccino and Sarah’s Moccaccino was good and about NZ$1 each, the chocolate cake was superb.  We did not dare try the chocolates, as we had pigged out on fries for lunch already.The mall is on the same street as the police station, near the 7-eleven and the post office, the café is called Hazel.


2 responses to “Tourist Information: Mae Sot, Thailand

  1. I will file this away for future use Tim.

    The picture is of the Coffee and Cake joint?

    Please give the chocs a whirl. Readers would like a review.

  2. I’m sorry, that’s another assignment I’d have enjoyed, the cake was great! But we are now in BKK on the way home again. With a huge store of post ideas and reflections on the experiences that I plan to dribble out over the coming weeks. Some should get combined and edited into an article… Yes the photo IS of the inside of Hazel, not a typical Mae Sot shop!

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