Jubilee opens

We are into the third day of the Jubilee, and I have not managed to post 😦

Part of the audience at the youth evening (between sets)Crowd at KKBBC convention (youth evening)

The celebrations bagan with a wedding – not part of the jubilee or the assembly/convention of the KKBC (Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Churches) but an appreciated addition (with maybe some photos or video when I get time to sort and edit them).

We start at 6am with a service, though the noise starts earlie – not least testing the temperamental sound system. Then breakfast – the full Karen deal with rice, meat, chicken and veges. There are meetings through the day, though we are not really involved, since they are all in Karen (I wish I could follow enough Karen to attend the KKBBSC meeting, I’d love to be involved in the discussions about a programme to follow the BTS).

My neighbour

karen-lad.jpg The day officially ends with the evening session starting at 6pm, after tea, so about 9pm. Tonight is the Karen cultural performances, to which we are looking forward eagerly. Last night was the “youth” with bands that attracted a huge crowd, including the young kids who sneaked into the empty VIP seats next to me! Maybe I’ll upload a short video to give you a feel for it…

However, we are next to the computer and communications centre (the room that the teacher who is responsible for IT occupies, with his mobile phone) which is often a busy place at night… So the afternoon is for sleep (if possible). The morning is for preparation – I give the “charge to the graduates” on Saturday morning – and marking both Barbara and I have assignments to mark.


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