The MA at CTS

The MA at CTS is aimed at providing another level of training for people who already have a basic Theology degree, and at offering professionals with a degree in another discipline to do some deeper theological thinking, and hopefully integrate their faith and their profession whilst rapidly gaining basic theological understanding. The people in my class agreed to be videoed briefly introducing themselves (in no special order) they were [I am having trouble with these links, somehow if the page loads blank the first time pressing F5 loads the video on a second go – go figure!]:

As you will see if you watch the videos (which are quite small size so should download quite well for most people) they reflected these two goals. Having such a double focus is a bit of a compromise, however by allowing people who do not have previous theological qualifications to do some undergraduate courses it seems to work rather well. Certainly this group were operating at a level similar to that of a University of Auckland Honours year class or the first year of a TCGS Masters.

When added to the basic Sinhala, Tamil and English medium undergraduate programmes this MA could provide some substantial stiffening of the theological muscles of the local churches!


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