CTS: the new building

Last year CTS dedicated the superb new four storey building. There are different administrative and teacher’s offices on each floor, as well as communal spaces: classrooms, meeting rooms, library, prayer room etc..

CTS fine new buildingCTS fine new building
Classroom on ground floorclass.jpg

CTS teaches in Sinhala, Tamil and English so that students can benefit from study in their mother tongue, or from access to the wider international theological literature. Since it can be difficult for students outside Colombo to get to the Colombo centre, and particularly so for students from the North of the country (the main Tamil area) the college also runs courses taught by staff from Colombo at a number of regional centres.

library.jpgOn the ground floor has also three smaller classrooms seating 20-30 students. (A college that teaches in three languages needs more rooms rather than larger ones!) The library houses the loan collection on the first floor and the reference section above. As with teaching, the library holdings are in English, Sinhala and Tamil. librarian.jpgSome books are not yet shelved since though the building is complete furnishing is ongoing. Next to the reference section is a computer lab, which again is currently still being equipped but will enable students to access Internet and other electronic resources.

The site is just a few meters from the busy Kohuela road junction and on several bus routes, I did not however take photos from the road because there is a police station opposite and in the current security entrance.jpgsituation photographing near government installations is not tactful!

break.jpgStudents gather outside in the breaks and are served tea & coffee. Snacks are also served for evening classes, to keep attention levels high.


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