Prof. G.P.V. Somaratna – CTS’ research professor

Last night’s class showed a lively engagement with the book of Ruth, and seemed to enjoy putting the detail we examined on Saturday to work in building interpretations and readings of the whole work. Today is my turn for a rest, while Barbara teaches at a mental health centre.

Prof. G.P.V. Somaratna with a small sample of his work!

Prof. G.P.V. SomaratnaI used the morning to take photos of the superb new CTS building, and to chat a bit more with some of the staff. One of the exciting things for me (given my life-long interest in Christian communications and especially education) was listening to Prof. G.P.V. Somaratna, CTS’s Research Professor. He is an enthusiast, who rises early and works into the night, when I visited his office he was correcting proofs of a Sinhala Study Bible that the Bible Society is publishing (in several volumes, so that people do not have to try to afford the whole thing all at once). The Study Bible is a team project, but Prof. Somaratna is also preparing single-handed a Bible Encyclopedia in Sinhala, several volumes have already appeared, but the work is not yet complete. He uses several good recent works published in English, where necessary checking information with other more specialist works, but writes articles freshly so that they are not only in Sinhala language but also fit the needs of local readers. The volumes cost about 1,000 Rs each, or three or four longish rides in a three-wheeler taxi.

Some of Prof. Somaratna’s work including two volumes of The Sinhala Bible Encyclopedia

The Sinhala Bible EncyclopediaProf. Somaratna is a historian by initial training, with a PhD from the University of London. He taught at the University of Colombo for 38 years, and headed the department of History and Political Science there. He also MA degrees in Theology and Missiology, and has taught at Fuller and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


6 responses to “Prof. G.P.V. Somaratna – CTS’ research professor

  1. how i can find e-version (pdf or ant other) of Sinhala bible?

  2. Hi, I do not know which translation it is, but there may be a Sinhala Bible online at I do not know what translation this is, or how readable… Maybe tyou could check and comment… you could try emailing the Lanka Bible Society, or telephoning them…

  3. I tried so much. Tim, you are correct but its only the New Testament. If you even go to the official sinhala christian / catholic websites, they once again prove that the are only interested ion generating funds for their acticities. We got to pray to God.

  4. Yes, it is a pity that Bible Societies (of all people) and especially the Lanka Bible Society (since Sri Lanka is making such efforts to develop into an information rich society) that they cannot see that making such an electronic edition freely available will hardly hurt their sales of print Bibles and may even increase it as people discover the Bible and want to read more!

  5. My company developed the online for a christian organization located in Colombo 5 for a below cost amount we told them to pay the hosting but after the first year we haven’t received any payment and we host it free over last 5 years. as business is not good we had to cut cost so I have now moved it to

    • Sorry to hear that you did not get paid, but delighted to hear that you are keeping the Bible available 🙂

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