Getting ready

We’ve entered the last phase of getting ready. The check-lists are getting ticked off:

  • notes and digital reader/anthology sent to CTS  
  • tickets arranged and bought
  • flight details sent to CTS (BTW we’ll have a cell phone while there and the number will be +94 724210739)
  • arranged with Karen Bible School that they will find us at the Guest House in Mae Sot on 3rd March
  • visas (we have just discovered that to stay more than a month in Thailand we’ll need visas, yesterday the Royal Thai Consulate was still closed for Christmas/summer holidays…)
  • vaccinations – we have most of them but need blood tests to check some are still working (they took the blood this morning)
  • anti-malarials (at least, we have arranged to get the prescriptions)
  • water treatment (we are wondering if one of the neat new UV pens will do the trick)
  • first aid kit

So, we are getting there. It feels a bit like being missionaries again, preparing to go to places very different from home. So far despite our rather disorganised and last minute approach God has been gracious and no major problems.


One response to “Getting ready

  1. Great looking blog. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.

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